Dr. Detail: Offering Comprehensive Services of Vehicle Detailing at Unbeatable Prices

Dr. Detail: Offering Comprehensive Services of Vehicle Detailing at Unbeatable Prices

Wheel repair, chroming and auto detailing Brampton are the services which require dedicated and skilled professional who can restore the aesthetics of vehicle comprehensively. Aesthetic restoration of automobiles also includes complete cleaning of the vehicle, not just from the exterior but also from the interior. There are many who provide vehicle cleaning service but it is hard to find experts for wheel repair, metal polishing and refinishing. So, if you are the one who is looking for vehicle detailing expert then Dr. Detail is the best option for you.

Based in Brampton, Canada, Dr. Detail is known for its matchless services of wheel refinishing Toronto in which he employ high performance metals and plastics to ensure your vehicle stands out amongst other vehicles. The company provides top notch chroming and polishing services and also deals in UltraBright Chrome finish and UltraBlack Chrome plating. Their team of professional offer services for every type of automobile. Whether it is the normal hatchback or the luxury stretch, they repair and wash each and every vehicle with utmost dedication and professionalism.

The detailing services include exterior hand wash, waxing and polishing along with cleaning of the interiors using superior cleaning materials. Apart from this, Dr. Detail also provides services of cleaning dash boards, glass and paint touch ups etc. You can find out more about Dr. Detail’s expert detailing services on their website.

Dr. Detail’s team of experts can clean all types of vehicles, including boats, farm & road equipment, trucks and tractors among other vehicles. Dr. Detail also provides expert rim repair Toronto services for their clients, ensuring any scratches, dents, curb rash or cracks are taken care of. Whether the wheel is painted, polished or have aluminum finish, Dr. Detail’s professional wheel repair employees can clean and repair it within 24 hours. Click here to see other services provided by Dr. Detail.

Vehicle manufacturers work along with Dr. Detail to ensure their vehicles are in pristine condition for sales. With 30 years of experience in the vehicle detailing business, they are able to offer you tremendous services at highly competitive prices. Their work ethics have made them one of the leading service providers in the industry.

For more information on Dr. Detail, log on to: http://www.drdetailinc.com/.



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