[TC]2 : Providing Best-In Class 3D Body Scanner and Measuring Devices

[TC]2 : Providing Best-In Class 3D Body Scanner and Measuring Devices

Nowadays, 3D body measurement technology has proven a boon in a variety of fields like fashion and medical. With this revolutionary technology, it is easier to take person’s true body measurement in few seconds. The software, technique and sensor used in 3D body scanners and related devices can make the tasks easier of getting perfect dress suits on individual’s personality. There are some companies offer top class 3D body scanners and a measurement devices, but [TC]2 is one of the best in them.

[TC]2 is a renowned company which is leading the market by providing wide range 3D body scanner and measuring devices which can meet their client’ needs in specific fields.

Some of the products available at [TC]2 :

  • 3D body scanner: They offer TC2-19B 3D body scanner which is the most advanced way to fulfill all the best measurement and scanning needs in both medical and fashion industry. This is featured with the latest technology such as compact scanner, adjustable handholds, scanner software and 4D modes to visualize 3d movement etc.
  • Mobile body scanner: With their TC2-19R mobile scanner you can a get accurate and point to point body measurement. This canner can scan within 30 seconds and is easy to setup. This is featured with turning platform, avatar creation, and can scan with any close fitting garment of any color.
  • Image twin: They offer the most amazing device which is image twin. With the help of this image twin, you can get perfect and fit clothing in a short time. You can also try your desired dress virtually from your personalized 3D avatar.

Installing these 3D body scan and measurement devices can be very beneficial for brands and fashion retailers. This can help them to grow sales and make the process of sales more proactive. Customer can also rid of frustration of returns just because of poor fit. With the help of this 3D body scanning technology customer can choose their desired and fitted garments faster and save a lot of time.

If you also seeking the best company which offer top class 3D body measurement and scanning devices then [TC]2 can be the perfect destination for you. All their products can be utilized in the variety of applications such as research, fashion, medical, consultancy and 3D printing.

For more details regarding 3D body scanner and measurement devices, you can visit http://www.tc2.com/.



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