The struggle is over: Website tells you exactly how to solve your Rubik’s cube

Challenge: The Rubik's Cube is a challenge of mental agility (Picture: Reuters)

The Rubik’s Cube is a challenge of mental agility (Picture: Reuters)

It was Christmas last week, which means if we were living in the 80s many of us would be struggling with Rubik’s cubes left for us by Santa right now.

Amazingly, some people still play with these infuriating fun puzzles, claiming they actually enjoy the challenge.

Of course, if you don’t really care about the mental challenge and just like winning things, one inventive person has designed a website that will tell you exactly how to solve your Rubik’s cube. allows you to input your Rubik’s cube in it’s current state (basically you just draw it), and then tells you how to solve it in as few moves as possible.


Simple yet effective (Picture:

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It even explains how to solve the dreaded ‘superflip position’ – commonly thought to be the most difficult configuration to solve a Rubik’s cube from.

The site’s creator says it uses the ‘Kociemba algorithm’ to mathematically solve any type of Rubik’s cube.

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‘The target audience is those that don’t want to learn how to solve it themselves, and just want a solved cube without pulling off the stickers,’ he added.

There you have it – never again will you have to peel the stickers off and move them around to look smart in front of your friends.

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