Everybody thinks this two-legged dog is a kangaroo

Everybody thinks this two-legged dog is a kangaroo

MEET Roo the wonderdog that gets mistaken for a kangaroo.   Passers by think they have gone hoppiní mad when they see two legged Roo bouncing on her back legs.   But this isnít the Australian outback, itís Morpeth in Northumberland where Roo is being cared for after being rescued by British animal charity Safe Rescue For Dogs.   She was saved from certain death on the streets of Romania where she is thought to have been born with one front leg missing and suffered the traumatic loss of the other.   By the time she was rescued she had already learned to hop and bounce leading charity bosses to nickname her Roo.   Shortly after arriving in the UK last November Roo was fostered by Safe Rescue supporters nurse Nikki Dick, 50, and firefighter husband Ian Dick, 52,  who now plan to adopt her permanently.   She said: ë Weíve fallen in love with her, how could you not ? Sheís such a little star. Roo doesnít know any different to hopping on her two back legs but she still laps up all the fuss from people who always stop and do a double take when they see her because they think she is a kangaroo.    ëAt first glance she really does look like a kangaroo and even stands up on her back legs and hops along too.   ëSheís perfectly happy and pain free and vets are very happy with her progress.   The dedicated couple who have six other rescue dogs from the UK and Romania treat five month old Roo to weekly hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions to ease any strain on her back caused by standing on her hind legs.   Nikki said: ë She is very independent and it doesnít hold her back at all. Though if we are going on a long walk we will take a puppy carrier to give her a little rest when she needs it.   ëSheís right at home with the other dogs and acts like any other cheeky little puppy who just happens to have two legs and look like a kangaroo.   ëPeople who do a double take always want to know more about Roo which is great because it spreads the word about Safe Rescue for Dogs and the incredible work they are doing to offer injured and abandoned dogs who would otherwise die a loving home.   ëIf Safe Rescue hadnít brought Roo to the UK she would not have survived living on the streets with two legs. She wouldnít be here now.   ëDespite what she has been through she is full of personality and so loving and we feel very lucky to have her.   ëShe might look like a kangaroo but to us she is just our little puppy Roo.í   Roo is thought to be a cross between a Colllie and a Whippet, best friend Wendy is a Labrador.    Charity boss Kelly Hare said she felt compelled to bring Roo to the UK for treatment knowing she would be impossible to re-home in Romania.   ëRooís only chance was to bring her to the UK and we are thrilled to have found her such a wonderful home with experienced dog owners. We believe all dogs are equal and deserve to know happiness like Roo has found, even the broken and wonky ones.í   For more information about Safe Rescue for Dogs or to become a foster carer please visit: http://www.saferescuefordogs.com/ ( note, please leave in charity details) Picture : www.photo-Features.co.uk Mobile: 07966 967672 Email: jeremy@durkinphotoservices.com 41 Boat Dyke Rd Upton Norwich Norfolk NR13 6BL

Roo was reportedly on death’s door before she was found in Romania (Picture : http://www.photo-Features.co.uk)

Don’t rub your eyes – this isn’t a new breed of kangaroo with pointy ears and a love of fetching balls, it’s just a two-legged dog.

The five-month old collie-whippet cross has learnt to bounce around on her hind legs, earning her the appropriate name Roo.

Roo is thought to have been born with three legs, before losing another in an accident.

She was saved while on the brink of death in Romania by British charity Safe Rescue for Dogs.

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Nikki Dick and her husband Ian, who fostered and now plan to adopt Roo, say people often do a ‘double take’ when they see Roo, sometimes even mistaking her for a baby kangaroo due to the way she hops around.

Mrs Dick, 50, said: ‘Roo doesn’t know any different to hopping on her two back legs but she still laps up all the fuss from people.

‘She’s perfectly happy and pain free and vets are very happy with her progress.’

The couple, from Northumbria, said they instantly ‘fell in love’ with the dog, calling her a ‘little star’.

However it wasn’t always happy times for Roo, who was at death’s door when she was found in Romania, and required hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to bring her back to health.

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