How Can I Activate Office 2019 without a key?

How Can I Activate Office 2019 without a key?

To begin with, let’s analyze that you can activate Microsoft Office for free using 2 options:

The key is removed by Microsoft over time, so today a reliable method is the activator. The activator works on the principle of data substitution in the program code.

Verification code for Microsoft office 2019 free by phone:

In this article, we will consider the situation when, when activating Microsoft Office 2022 over the Internet, an activation error occurs as in the screenshot below, in this case, according to the advice from the second paragraph from the description of this error, it is necessary to activate the Office application by phone. Activation will take place with a robot (auto responder), you will only need to dial numbers on the phone keypad.

  1. So, in order to activate Office 2022 by phone, you must have Microsoft Office 2022 installed, you can download it from the Microsoft server via a direct link. Further, after installing the application, launch any Office application, for example Excel, and enter your activation key from Microsoft Office 2022 there. If you do not have this key, you can purchase it in our catalog.
  2. Then, in the activation wizard, select the activation point by phone and click “Next”.

We get to the activation menu by the following steps:

  • At the beginning of the call, press 1, agreeing with the recording of the conversation.
  • Now wait for the dictation of the confirmation response code from the robot, these numbers must be entered in blocks from A to H in step 3 of the activation window by phone. And activate the application.

If everything went well, then after clicking on the “Next” button, the activation wizard will display a window about successful activation.



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