How Can I Track The Performance Of Your PC?

How Can I Track The Performance Of Your PC?

Computer performance is important to every user of computers. There was software in the past that gave an approximate assessment of the speed at which your computer was delivering but it wasn’t precise enough to meet the expectations of users. The task manager was an option in earlier version of Windows. Windows Vista and Windows 7 include a new built-in feature to do the task. This feature allows you to get scores for each part of the hardware on your computer that runs your operating system.

Windows Experience Index

The Windows experience index is a comparative study of the performance of hardware using the basis of a grade system that is ranging between 1 and 7.9. The Windows experience index can also be used to purchase software programs as well as games that you would like for your computer. The most recent standard of performing is an outstanding measure that has definitely helped users to purchase the right collection of programs to run on their PC.

Every component of your computer’s hardware is being evaluated using a program-specific ratio. The components of the hardware that is being examined include processors to determine how quickly a system can process data, Ram to check the capability of data that could be transferred in the time it provides RAM to the computer graphics memory to verify the information it provides and also the primary disk to determine the speed at which processing data that the hard disk is able to render.

There are two calibrations that are utilized to calculate the score. A sub-score against each specific hardware test that will provide the stand-alone performance of the hardware, while the base score is the total performance score. The base score, in another words is the score of the lowest individual that creates the base performance line. The system is unable to afford software with base scores that are less than the one of your system.

Check your computer’s score base

Checking the base score of your computer is a simple task to do. Follow the below steps to check on the score of your computer.

  • Go to the Start menu, then Control Panel.
  • Type the words Performance Tools and Information in the search box of the Control Panel to easily find the shortcut.
  • Click here for performance information and tools.
  • Select the rate my computer’s Performance link and wait to view the results.

A different method of performing this is probably a more simple one. Follow the below steps to reach the index of performance:

  • Right-click on the My Computer icon and move to the Properties at the bottom on the screen.
  • Go to the properties tab and it will inform you whether your PC has been previously rated or not.If it was evaluated, you may be able to re Examining the performance of your computer, even when it’s not assessed, you may rate it for the first time by clicking the link located at the right side of the score which is default set to 1 prior to when the run starts.

If you’ve added any hardware improvements You should check the score of your base system to determine whether you’ve noticed any improvement. The sub score is likely to increase if you improved the hardware making your machine the basis score.



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