Stormtrooper outfit saves Star Wars fan from poisonous snake bite

Stormtrooper outfit saves Star Wars fan from poisonous snake bite


Scott Loxley said his Stormtrooper saved him from a poisonous snake bite (Picture: Facebook)

A Star Wars fan was indebted to the dark side after his Stormtrooper outfit saved him from a poisonous snake bite.

Scott Loxley was protected from a king brown snake by the costume while completing a charity trek around Australia.

He’d been fooled by the reptile, which was laying still, when walking in Queensland.

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He’s currently on a charity walk across Australia (Picture: Facebook)

‘Ah, turns out he wasn’t dead,’ the 47-year-old said.

‘He’s lunged at me and bit me. But the good news is the armour – he bit me in the shin – and the armour actually protected me and stopped the bite.

‘I could feel the teeth scraping on the plastic, but the armour actually stopped something.’

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Being on the dark side paid off (Picture: Facebook)

Loxley also had a close call with an 18-foot crocodile during his journey, which has lasted more than 200 days so far.

He hopes to conclude the 15,000km charity walk in June after setting off from Melbourne in 2013.

He added: ‘I am a member of the 501st Legion, an international not-for-profit Star Wars costuming organisation who give their time to raise much needed funds for varying charities.’

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