Thrill-seekers take on Utah mountain on unicycles

Thrill-seekers take on Utah mountain on unicycles

Riding a unicycle is one thing. Riding a unicycle down a mountain is quite another.

The activity that has, for a long time, rarely been seen outside of the multicoloured canvas walls of the circus has found a new and loyal following in the form of adrenaline junkies and extreme sport enthusiasts.

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(Picture: YouTube)

It’s a far cry from the circus (Picture: YouTube)

And a new video from Bear Grylls’ Adventure channel shows a group of unicyclists taking on a route than even experienced mountain bikers would think twice about.

‘While mountain unicycling takes place on similar terrain to mountain biking, having only one wheel means the rider has to control their descent much more carefully,’ says the narrator.

The clip, taken in Moab, Utah, follows the cyclists as they test their skills on the challenging rocky terrain.

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