What is the Method to Start System Restore through Command Prompt?

What is the Method to Start System Restore through Command Prompt?

System Restore is a tool that allows you to automatically monitor and record any changes made to the core Windows system files or to the registry. System Restore is able to restore your computer to the point it was before a change caused an error. System Restore can restore your data if it is possible that your computer isn’t working. office.com/myaccount

To complete the steps below, Essentials One must log on to Windows using a user account that’s a computer administrator. You can use the Windows XP System Restore Tool to restore your computer’s performance if a program installed has caused the computer to behave randomly.

System Restore cannot restore a computer to its previous state if there is no previously established restore point. Support Center should be contacted in case there is any uncertainty or if the restore point has not been set.

To start System Restore with the Command prompt, follow these steps: First, the computer must be turned on. Next, press and hold the F8 key during startup. This will allow you to enter safe mode with a Command prompt. The arrow keys can be used to select Safe mode with the Command prompt option. If you are asked to choose an operating system, press ENTER.

Logging on as administrator or with administrator identification is required. At the command prompt, you must type%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and subsequently press ENTER. Finally, follow the instructions on the screen to restore your computer to a functional and working state.

You can access System Restore tool with an extra safe mode option by visiting the Microsoft Help and Support website. The article “A description the Safe Mode Boot options for Windows XP” is available.

It takes only a few steps to run the windows from the command prompt. However, it is important to follow the instructions. The user can follow the steps step-by-step guide. It is simple to start System Restore in safe mode using the command prompt. If the above solutions do not solve your problem, you can ask for assistance from someone you trust or contact your ISP or network administrator.



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