What is the Way to install an Antivirus Though a USB?

What is the Way to install an Antivirus Though a USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, a standard that allows devices to communicate with a host controller such as personal computers. The USB interface has replaced many other interfaces like serial and parallel ports. It connects to peripherals such as keyboards, printers digital cameras, flash drives and personal media players. webroot.com/safe

These are the steps to install Antivirus software on a USB

Step 1: First, insert the USB flash drive in one of the USB ports of your computer. Then, a prompt will appear to indicate that the computer has detected the new removable device.

Step 2: Insert the CD with the antivirus software into your computer. To launch the installation wizard, double-click the downloaded file.

Step 3: Read and accept the license agreement. Click Browse to see the installation location.

Step 4: Then a search window will appear on the screen, choose the USB flash drive and click OK. Now click Next for the installation name and select install the antivirus program then you will install onto the USB flash drive. webroot.com/secure



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